skimmed emails we deleted too quickly
may have mentioned the forest of bright spears
and ships ready to launch, but once we saw the
reports on the quarterly report from
Ichthyosaur & Associates we
had no doubt what they were up to with those
color-shifting lobbyists and gift baskets
reeking of brine and though they wrote of missed
opportunities no one missed the flotsam
flecked with blood, tossed by ceaseless waves that could
break on our belovèd beans just learning
to climb towards those heavy clouds pierced by sun—

he stopped, mumbled something roses fingers
dawn and walked away from the empty chairs

The Carrier of Ladders
Poems by W. S. Merwin


Ferguson Library
Date Due

Jun – 3 1975

Jun 9 1976

Nov 16 ’76
Jan 24 1977
Aug 15 1977
Feb 21 ’78

Jan 11 1979

May 19 1979

Jun 13 1979
Nov 22 1980

May 6 1981
Jun 22 1982
Dec 4 1982

May 25 1983
May 28 1987
Jun 17 1987


Jul 7 – 1987

Jul 28 1987
Aug 17 1987
Nov 2 1989
Jun 11 1990
Jul 2 1990

Jul 16 1990


Jul 30 1990
Sep 7 1990
Oct 11 1990

Oct 31 1990

do I admit shamefully sheepishly that I love the stream of music video podcast my phone tablet computer can provide the immersion in old loves missed opportunities new lush lands to be lost in but why not what’s better for those of us who lose the thread so quickly what was that Pavement tune that Philip glass bit I love but maybe I’m getting too Prozac I mean prosaic I think maybe now anyway all the hints can drive you mad you think they’re heading somewhere but one turn around the lake and we’re back at the front door unkissed