the difference between scrap and fragment wind
in the rain in the trees but once I’ve walked up to
this cliff then what maybe later in the day an aching
back full of whisky isn’t the best time to start but
well this is getting too prosaic so get the clipper &
the magnifying glass there’s only one place you or I
can start and that’s with these badly drawn feet
bleeding into the stones of the sharp here & now

Sometimes you start
with a blank page other times
there’s no choice

the world before
you were born

prefers a simple table
salt, pepper, a clean glass
still water and when
voices rise

walks out to the balcony
thinks about the cigarettes we
smoked and flicked without though

we would never imagine
doing that today with all the

in the air and settling
down into the roots of your hair

you hardly need the stones
as you walk into the lake