Three Dreams

some strange squash
I don’t know how to cook
they hand me

like a prize
though they won’t let
me text
someone I need to

the clock

My punishment was just.

Though I had no
memory of the site they
said I visited. The one

that made the commuter
jet come crashing down. But
for some reason I could not
deny the charge. I tell

them I would like to be
hanged, but they say they
don’t do that anymore.

We talk to the chef/owner of this
sushi/chocolate shop
and tell her

because we’re friends

about another meal
we enjoyed recently then
she’s not

paying much
attention maybe because
she’s busy prepping

she says we should be

of the knives in the
other place I want to
ask what she means and

News Feed

hoping for something chocolate
covered hurry up wait what
was I saying the shorelines
shorten birds
gone from the sky
due to a
lack of how’s it with you those
headaches back I have just the
oil and volcanoes waiting
maybe for & the
coasts blame the
center and vice versus the
scattered poems to stitch it all
but we’re in it together
did you hear
what the final
whispered as your phone oh I’m
no better I just like to
talk and that sting in your should
you maybe
check out the dog
filter that
clown one does nothing for you