All the Parts

as in a dream in which we must play all the parts but self-consciously the work doubles and suffers as he turns to drink and loose video games

but unlike this dark wood newly sprung up around the house the chance of coffee or anything decent for lunch recedes

when we were stranded beneath the white waves it was only those voracious years of romance novels that saved the ship and sailors

so once properly cooled and decorated the cake of my previous actions could still prove delicious

it was never meant to last as long as it has though some seeds only sprout after a fire we never knew needed so much tending

and we started off so strong but whether we like it or not we’re in a purely habitual forest now

perhaps this is what the song is really meant to be about or could be under slightly different meteorological conditions

a dream self-consciously suffers loose

wood around the house of coffee or anything for lunch

beneath the waves of romance novels that

decorated the cake of my previous could

as long seeds sprout a fire so

strong whether we like it or not

perhaps this is what is meant to be

as in a dream we play all the doubles and drink this dark coffee beneath waves only years of romance novels saved my previous actions never meant to last as long as though some started off strong we’re in a purely habitual song about slightly different conditions

in a dream

this dark house

beneath waves

my previous actions

after a fire we knew

started off in

perhaps this song

Reading Tender Buttons always just about to make sense a half-learned a real language you can still laugh like kindergarten maybe or waking from a dream having to pee you guess what Susie Asado looked like from the tea maybe maybe maybe tea maybe not maybe it’s all too sexy a stupid man like me will never understand and I am as mutton I know she’s from a different book but so what if it rhymes like butter falling off bread to glow too glow wait where are you going are we going don’t tell me don’t tell anyone the secret keeps the bread fresh the glass hurt

Three Dreams

some strange squash
I don’t know how to cook
they hand me

like a prize
though they won’t let
me text
someone I need to

the clock

My punishment was just.

Though I had no
memory of the site they
said I visited. The one

that made the commuter
jet come crashing down. But
for some reason I could not
deny the charge. I tell

them I would like to be
hanged, but they say they
don’t do that anymore.

We talk to the chef/owner of this
sushi/chocolate shop
and tell her

because we’re friends

about another meal
we enjoyed recently then
she’s not

paying much
attention maybe because
she’s busy prepping

she says we should be

of the knives in the
other place I want to
ask what she means and