a day like today with the remains
of glaciers packed up and destined
for delicate display cases rough
wind in the chimney a red
glow deep inside flaky
grey on what shall I binge

but so on with the sound that folds you like an
origami cockroach forget all those things you shouldn’t
eat when I try to stitch it all together
a trail of buttons sharp stones fall from my eye

a sentimental clip show gently tempers
the fear of cancellation and too long out of town
it shows in those shoes I won’t tell

start again and say something that won’t reflect
the stabbing pain behind the eye where you
feel the rumble from his but let’s talk
about the upcoming election

left with my broken devices in the morning and
coffee to decide what to call the deep blue
before the sun comes up on the loop of those
stupid things I said enough for a Netflix
series though at least I wasn’t alone