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  1. One of my favorite one liners! Guess this was in Bones where I saw it first. Any insight on writing this one or anything you remember about it? No big deal if you don’t remember, but I have to ask. When you write these, do you try to make a correlation between the two fragments or just go with you feel is “right”?

  2. Yes indeed it was in Bones #12, if my notes are correct. And thanks!

    I can’t say that I remember much about the writing process. I remember that this one went through a lot of versions.

    And I think that when I write these I do mainly go with that gut feeling that yes, there’s something there that I like, whether or not I can explain it to myself. And I would say in the same way I do try to make a kind of correlation between the parts, but again, whether or not I can explain what that correlation is… I sort of like the idea of a poem that hits the body rather than something that only lives in your head, y’know?

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