sand poured in the lungs. Though the auditorium was immaculate

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    1. I’ve never been very good at dissecting my own process, I have to admit. The one thing I can say about this form is that it’s meant to play with the fragmentary nature of haiku. As if you had found a single page from a book that had survived a fire, but this was the only set of words still legible.

  1. If I think about it…I don’t really know my process either. Your description of a book that survived a fire is a better answer than a “normal” response anyway. Love it! I’m always curious how other poets write. I love this style of fragmented haiku, using the period. May try some in the future. It seems to me with this style, you are going for rhythm and sound more than meaning. The meaning is left wide open for the reader to draw their own conclusions. Anyway, love the site and your writing!

    1. Thanks so much! I’m never sure if an answer like that is a cop-out or if it will hit home with someone. So I’m glad that you appreciated it! Thanks so much!!

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