After the Layoffs

against such odds as we now face. We will all have to screw our heads to the floorboards and hang our intangibles from the light fixtures as the sun sets on the legitimate spoils of this empire, and, for the future of our privileged and somewhat damp, though not without merit or beauty, where was I, lives, yes, which, wriggling away and leaving a trail not so much slug-like as composed of a kind of radiant petroleum product, must look ahead over the mountain ranges of the current difficulties and try to imagine a kind of future without the interference of the mechanical flies and their predators that we have so blithely come to accept as we once in the style of some indiscreetly imagined past took tea on the lawn, though, to sum up, it is not the past or the present that matters, but the small screws that hold up the iron pants of this great nation, which we have and will continue to sell at a reasonable markup.

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