which way to start to get what I want instead of fiddling with knobs and buttons lost in mush and the aftermath of failed experiments but then without the experiments the birds don’t sing and we all sink sometime over the rooftops a siren or ice cream truck bringing something extra into the long and humid evening in which you reconstruct the crime scene for your dinner guests who have long since stopped being amused but somehow it escapes your mind

the right way to say certain things and you turn to the left for the light switch instead of to the right where it is and brush off the whole thing as a symptom of not enough sleep or coffee and meanwhile the worms are digging under our feet and so many skeletons slowly breaking down before the archaeologists can dig them up and brush them off you know some might be quite important to someone in a very different line of work but we can talk about that tomorrow with tea and lemon squares if the other appointment falls through you’ll call right

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